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SILON s.r.o.

Průmyslová 451, Planá nad Lužnicí
391 02 Sezimovo Ústí
República Checa

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Información de la Empresa SILON s.r.o.


SILON s. r. o. is a producer of polyester fibers and compounds.

Manufacturing and sale of:
- polyester fibre (fibers)
- PES staple
- polypropylene (PP) compounds
- polyolefin compounds
- filled and modify polyolefin
- PE compounds and PP and PE concentrates
- XLPE/PEX-b cross-linkable polyethylene
- polyester staples fiber
- staples for the automotive industry
- staples for manufacturing sanitary utilities (hydrophilic)
- staples for manufacturing non-woven fabrics and its application for manufacturing babies diapers, gerontological diapers
- raw materials for manufacturing automobile carpets and fleece

Application in the building industry, automotive industry, hygiene and processing industry.

Division of Compounds
supplies advanced polyolefin mixtures, particularly PP mixtures. XLPE/PEX-b cross-linkable polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, special custom-made mixtures. SILON is a reliable partner for remote mixing of mixtures.

Polyester fibers
Manufacturing of polyester fibers, PET staples and cables. Polyester fibers (PES fibers), PET staples and cables under the mark of TESIL Polyester fibers for the automotive industry and hygiene industry, non-woven fabrics, carpets, isolation, disposable hygiene products, diapers, inkontinence pads and mats.

Compounds, composites
Manufacturing of compounds. Advanced polyolefin mixtures, particularly PP mixtures, cross-linked polyethylene.

TABOREN – filled, reinforced, and modified polyolefins. Suitable for injection-moulding, extruding and blow plastic products.
Composites for the automotive industry – external and internal applications, esthetic articles – household appliances (boiling pots, fryers, automatic washing machines), technical applications – construction elements, electrical engineering – switchboards, sockets, female plugs, garden furniture, extruded products – technical sections, boards (also non-inflammable ones).

TABOREX – XLPE/PEX-b cross-linkable polyethylene, suitable for manufacturing tubes (www.pe-xb.eu), for shrinkable tubes and cables (www.silon-cablecompounds.eu). Application predominantly in construction industry as water pipes, piping for waste water (single- and multi-layer piping), floor and central heating. Pressure pipes for transportation of gases and chemicals. For air conditioning systems or shower hoses. Electric insulation, low-voltage cables (HFFR cables), solar cables.

TABOND – Polyolefins (PP, PE) grafted with malein anhydride (MAH) act as binding agents/adhesives – for the attachment of various types of materials. They are used in reinforced, filled and mixed polymeric compounds. Function: as a connecting modifier, as the adhesive layer between a number of polymers and metals, wood, filling materials and glass fibers, as the connecting layer in multi-layer products. Such products are, e.g., foils, tubes, bottles, boards of various materials, piping, and tanks. It act as the adhesive agent in various composites and as a compatibilisator for non-compatible polymers.

Información general

Año de Fundación 1950
Capital 226.392.000 CZK
Tipo de empresa Oficina central - Fàbrica
Nº Intracomunitario CZ27157245
Fax +420 381 291 048
Web http://www.silon.eu


  • TESIL 

    polyesterové vlákno z recyklovaných PET lahví


    plněné a vyztužené PP, PE kompaundy


    zesíťovatelný PE (s příčnou vazbou)



    MAHem naroubované polyolefiny




  • Tipo :

    ISO 9001: 2015

  • Tipo :

    ISO 14001:2015

  • Tipo :

    IATF 16949: 2016

  • Tipo :

    OEKO-Tex Standard 100 (polyesterová vlákna / polyester fibres / Polyesterfasern)

  • Tipo :

    EU Ecolabel Certifikát (polyesterová vlákna / polyester fibres / Polyesterfasern)

Cifras claves SILON s.r.o.


  • Empresa

    555 Empleados

Volumen de negocios

  • 2017

    4.100.762.000 CZK

  • 2016

    3.929.593.000 CZK

  • 2015

    3.917.805.000 CZK

  • 2014

    2500 á 12500 millones CZK

  • 2013

    2500 á 12500 millones CZK

Dirigentes SILON s.r.o.


Dr. Bernd Morawitz

Consejero Delegado (CFO, výkonný finanční ředitel, jednatel)

Alemán, Inglés

Pan Shukhrat Saidov

Consejero Delegado (CEO, výkonný strategický ředitel, jednatel)

Inglés, Ruso, Checo

Ing. Koudelka Drahomír

Director General (COO, výkonný výrobní ředitel, jednatel)

Inglés, Alemán

Pan Pavel Maršík

Responsable de ventas (Head of Strategic Sales)

Checo, Inglés

Paní Klára Kočová

Director de compras (Strategic buyer – PET flakes)

Checo, Inglés

Pan Radek Matouš

Director de Marketing (Head of Marketing)

Checo, Alemán, Inglés

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